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10 Amazing Benefits Of Art For Kids!

art benefits for kids

Art fosters creativity and imagination, two traits that are increasingly linked to long-term career advancement. Working with art forces children to think creatively and helps them develop problem-solving skills. Rooftop highlights 10 amazing benefits of art for kids and how art plays a major role In their life. Discover we, a platform that hosts various art workshops that you can choose and learn from!

Motor Skills

Every art lesson is created with the child’s whole development in mind, including their social, cognitive, emotional, and physical growth. One of the most important skills that may be learned through art is the development of fine motor skills. Through art-making, your child develops and tones the little muscles in their fingers.

Healthy Risk Taking

Kids can learn what works and what doesn’t through experimenting when doing arts and crafts. They can determine that trying to paint something a certain colour didn’t work and try something different the following time. They learn from what they might perceive as mistakes because there is no such thing as right or wrong.

motor skills
Image credits: Parents (l); Tops Day Nurseries (r)

Developing Confidence And A Sense Of Self

Kids can take pride in their work and feel a sense of accomplishment via art and craft activities, which helps them feel more confident. Making art is a fantastic approach to learning that it’s alright to make mistakes and that doing things “incorrect” can inspire completely original thinking. 

Linguistic Development

Early childhood art and craft literacy skills span a variety of domains, from speaking and reading to listening and understanding. Children’s communication abilities are improved when they talk. Why did you select that colour? Parents teach them new words, and when children follow verbal directions, they exercise their listening abilities. 

Academic Improvement

Making art can significantly strengthen your child’s fine motor skills and foster their capacity for original problem-solving. Children can increase their coordination and dexterity through activities like cutting and pasting the paper, finger painting, and drawing. Building these skills has been linked, according to research, to children performing better academically in other disciplines like writing, literacy, arithmetic, and science.

confidence and academic improvement
Image credits: The Conversation (l); Yellow pages (r)

Cultural Awareness

Children can become more aware of the various customs and civilizations around the world by using arts and crafts. It is a fun approach to demonstrate that we are all equal and might aid in their understanding that not everyone holds the same opinions.

Reduces Mental Health Issues

All forms of art and craft can promote happiness and relaxation. It’s interesting to note that it happens at other times as well. Encourage your children to learn a craft and practise it after school because the impacts can extend into the following day.

Bonding And Quality Time

Children adore spending time with their parents, and what better activity to do together than arts and crafts? You get to spend valuable time bonding with your children while also making treasured memories that will last a lifetime. Together, Rooftop offers workshops that you can take which can help children tap into their creative side in a way that’s both fun and educational!

quality time
Image credits: Imperial College London (l); Speech Source Therapy Inc. (r)


Kids can cultivate their creativity through art, which is beneficial for them throughout their life. Making something artistic allows for self-expression, which helps kids express (and manage) their emotions.

Team Skills

Kids have the opportunity to engage with classmates or adults who may not share their interests through making or enjoying creative forms. discussing art or collaborating to produce something that serves as a common ground.

creativity and team building
Image credits: San Lorenzo Valley Charter School (l); Legacy Satellite (r)

Art is capable of educating people on almost any subject as well as the ability to raise awareness and presenting information in a way that many people can easily understand. In a world where some people do not even have access to a good education, art makes education an even greater equaliser of society. You must head on over to Rooftop and explore our live art workshops for kids where they interact, learn and grow. Whether it’s painting, drawing, sewing, music, dance, theatre, or any of the other arts, they all contribute to your child’s well-being. 

Advait Kolarkar
Image credit: Art Rabbit

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