Pricing for any size and budget.



per month
  • 0 - 100 Members
  • 1 Admin
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per month
  • 101 - 250 Members
  • 5 Admins
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per month
  • 251 - 500 Members
  • 10 Admins
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per month
  • 501 - 1000 Members
  • Unlimited Admins
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Larger organization, no problem!

Contact us to discuss how we can put together a custom plan to best suit your organization.

One-time setup fee.

A simple one-time fee, starting at $500 for non-branded and $1,000 for branded, covers your entire application setup and submission to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We’ll walk you through each part of the process. Getting to know your organization, and your current pain points, is the first step towards making your application successful. Once we’ve gathered the necessary information about your brand, we’ll begin customizing the iOS or Android app specific to your organization.

While your application design is being finalized and submitted to the appropriate stores, the Rooftop Administrative Portal will be available to begin adding and managing your organization's information.

Pay only for what you need with optional upgrades based on the desires of your particular organization. Integrate your app with internal systems like Sharepoint, Active Directory and Exchange. Distribute your application via the public app stores or internally. And if your needs change, you can downgrade at anytime.

One Time Setup Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule a demo to see Rooftop in action?
Yes, we’re happy to schedule a time to demo Rooftop. Click here to request a demo.
Is the application unique to my organization?
Absolutely. Your app can be 100% original and customized to your organization. It's branding and content, from colors and logos to images and data, is completely up to you. Even the App Store icon, screenshots, and descriptions are unique to your organization.
How long does it take to get my application into the App Store?
Based on the needs of your organization, your app is typically submitted to the App Store within two weeks of setting up the application. The first month of your service is included within the one-time setup fee, so your application is usually available for your organization to use before your first subscription payment.

Once submitted the application will be instantly available via the Google Play Store. Typically your application is approved in the Apple App Store within another two weeks of the initial submission. We have no control over Apple’s approval process, so occasionally the process takes a little longer, but we work directly with Apple to ensure your application is available to your users as quickly as possible.
What if my organization doesn’t have Video, Documents, News, etc.?
No problem, all sections of the application can be turned on / off via the admin. If the section is turned off, the section isn’t displayed in the application’s menu. If this content becomes available in the future, simply add it to the admin, turn the section ‘on’, and your members will have instant access to it.
Can I deploy the application within our Enterprise, and avoid the App Stores?
Yes, during our set up interview we’ll determine whether your application will be deployed via the public App Stores, or via your own Enterprise account. If you’re application is deployed in your own Enterprise you’ll receive the necessary files to download and deploy via the Rooftop Administrative Portal.
What happens if my organization grows, or shrinks?
No problem, there are no contracts with Rooftop. You can upgrade, or downgrade, your account at any time. All of this can be managed directly within the Rooftop Administrative Portal.

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