Personal engagement with your organization.

Your organization, your app, your brand.

Your organization deserves a mobile application as individual as your organization. From the app icon to the About screen, and every detail in between, your application will be customized to match your organization.

Pick your color scheme, design your icon, and enjoy an original mobile solution that will have your members excited to download and get engaged.

Custom Branded Application

Deliver your most important notifications instantly.

Push notifications are not only a rapid way to reach your members, they are more likely to be read due to their high visibility. Users can tailor these notifications to their personal preferences, meaning your communications fit in instead of interrupting.

You can even increase how targeted your delivery is by sending to both public and private groups and/or specific users.

Manage events within one app.

Keeping track of all your events shouldn’t be an event in itself. That's why our app combines your iCal and Exchange calendars into a single interface. Assign these calendars to specific groups internally and externally so that members can easily view details by month and day, then add the events their most interested in to their own personal calendars.

Your full team, only a tap away.

Your personal directory connects you with everyone relevant to your organization, right on the devices that they communication with most. Once a member signs in, they can view other member profiles and see all their contact methods, including social media. You’re never more than a few taps away from a connection.

Better still, the Directory doubles as a centralized CRM allowing employees to keep their information updated right within your mobile application. Additionally, with our Active Directory sync, your members’ information will always be correct and up-to-date everywhere in your organization.

Keep everyone on your team informed.

Get internal or external news immediately and do more for your organization sooner. Pull in news sources and any public RSS feeds, then share news via email and social media with specific groups, individuals or everyone.

Watch and share videos effortlessly.

No more switching between apps, or remembering which platform a video was posted on, all your videos can now be accessed and shared directly within your mobile application. Effortlessly add YouTube and Vimeo content, watch it anywhere, and allow all your members to share it with their social networks, without ever leaving your app.

Key documents in one place.

With your documents stored in so many different locations these days (from SharePoint and Dropbox to shared drives and FTP), it can be hard to keep up and remember where to look when you need a particular file. Give your team some time back by seamlessly integrating all of your most important documents into one central library. All you have to do is add PDFs from any public URL and you've got a centralized location, on a device everyone always has with them. Members can then view, save, and share documents for their specific groups, without ever leaving your app.

Share information privately or publicly.

What good would an engagement tool be if everyone received and had access to the exact same information. Via the Rooftop Administrative Portal, you're in control of your members groups, so you can determine which group, department, or level of access, gets which notification, video, event calendar, or document.

You can also easily open content up to external (public) audiences allowing them to begin communicating and engaging with your organization as well.

Pick up where you left off.

Just because you don't always have an internet connection, doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to your organizations key information. Luckily, with the wide range of data available, you won't feel limited in what you can get done. Tap into everything from your past session, from key contact information to events, news and directory information.

Offline Support

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